Garner Area Ministries was incorporated in 1981 by a group of local churches who wanted to do more to help their neighbors. Our purpose is to serve as a central location as a resource for people going through a financial crisis, who can not afford to pay rent, utilities and/or prescription medications. We can also help with clothes for family members.

Our organization is made mostly up of volunteers who want to make a difference for their neighbors. We serve all who need help in the Garner area, regardless of race, religion, citizen status or sexual orientation.

We have grown a lot since 1981 and we plan to continue to grow and hope to help more families each month.


We accept donations from our local community in the form of money, food or resellable items for the thrift store.

In 2018 we raised $96,000 in donations, which together with thrift store sales, allowed us to pay a little more than $133,000 in bills, plus feed a thousand people and provide clothing for 550.


On average, we help around 300 families each month. GAM is a non-profit organization and believe we can help others in need by providing assistance and resources.


All of 27529, parts of 27610 and parts of 27603.

South of Tryon Road

The intersection of Creech and Sanderford Road. 

We stop at Sanderford.  

Lake Wheeler below Tryon

Jones Sausage and Rock Quarry intersection.  Below that intersection.


We serve people within our local community who are currently going through a financial hardship,

We serve individuals with or without children who qualify.

To qualify you have to live within 27529 area code and specific parts of 27603 or 27610. Please speak to one of office administrators to determine if you are within our area.

We can be reached by e-mail at garner.area.ministries@gmail.com